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We are looking for talented and motivated people who want to join our team and contribute to our success. We offer positions in various departments, with opportunities for professional development and a stimulating working environment.

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Dynamic and collaborative environment, based on empathy and valuing people.

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30 Employees, 8 Functions, 4 Departments



Pre-sales department

Tamellin is an inspiring reality in which to grow and feel useful.




Safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels important




Empathy and collaboration at the heart of our success



Quality Department

Long-term growth opportunities in a solid company

How does the Selection process work?


CV Submission

We carefully analyse the CVs we receive, assessing the skills, experience and requirements of the role. We select the candidates best suited to the open position.



We organise a cognitive phone call with pre-selected candidates to present the company and the role in more detail. We assess the candidate's motivation and industry knowledge for the position sought.


Introductory meeting

We invite candidates most in line with the search for an individual interview to deepen their knowledge and experience. We assess the candidate's compatibility with the company's values and culture.


Economic offer

We assess the profiles of different candidates according to the labour market and skills. We formulate a competitive economic offer including basic salary, benefits and competitive welfare packages.

We are here for all your questions.

We know you will have a lot of questions and some mistrust, but we are here to answer and support you

The possibilities for professional growth and development within our company depend on several factors, including the candidate’s job performance, ambition and commitment, and the opportunities available within the company

The salary for the position you are applying for is in line with the labour market and with your skills and experience. The salary is assessed on the actual contribution the candidate can make to the company based on his or her skills and experience.

The company offers various training and professional development opportunities to its employees, including training courses on different topics, mentoring programmes, and the possibility to rotate in different roles within the company to gain new skills and experience.

Opportunities for career advancement within the company depend on several factors, including the candidate’s job performance, ambitions and commitment, and the opportunities available within the company.

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