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Our Story

It all started with Renzo Tamellin who, with his wife Emilia Ceolato, founded Tamellin Renzo & Ceolato Emilia S.n.c.

In 1984 our light carpentry company was founded, specialising in the production of sheet metal parts for painting systems, water curtain booths, tunnels, ovens and special accessories for third parties.

40 years later…

In addition to having always maintained ISO certification, we are INDUSTRIA 4.0 and an ESG sustainable company, and with the same passion as always, we offer the best possible service to those who choose to rely on us!

The new generation

Over the years, the company consolidated its position in the sheet metal working sector and the three children joined the team: Daniela, Michele and Stefano Tamellin, forming FRATELLI TAMELLIN S.R.L..

Each with their own specialisation, the Tamellin siblings actively contribute to the company’s growth by focusing on improving production processes, staff training and standardising control systems. The company is thus transformed into a certified complex carpentry company capable of executing projects that satisfy customers’ creativity.

Certified since 1997

ISO 9001:2015

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